A single dripping faucet in a home wastes about 0.1 gallons of water a day or 34.7 gallons a year.

Common plumbing issues like a leaky faucet or running toilet is not only annoying, but it wastes water and can cost you. Some problems you may be able to fix yourself, while others may require you to call a plumber.

Here are five common plumbing problems and what to do about them.

1. Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can become an eventual mess if the water rises enough and overflows all over your bathroom floor. This is not a problem that you should ignore.

It’s likely that an object is clogging the toilet. The only item you should flush down the toilet is toilet paper. Any other items, such as wet wipes, cigarette butts, diapers, sanitary products, or cotton swabs can clog the toilet and hurt the environment.

If the clog is minor, you may be able to dislodge it with a plunger.

2. Clogged Drains

You also might encounter clogs with other drains in your home, such as your bathtub, kitchen sink, or bathroom sink.

In the kitchen, clogs can occur from a buildup of food or grease that is thrown down the drain. In the bathroom sink or shower, it can be due to a buildup of hair and soap scum.

You can try to unclog your drain with a plunger or a plumber’s snake drain.

If that doesn’t work, or if the problem comes back, you should call a plumbing company to get it checked out.

3. Leaking Faucet or Pipes

A leaking faucet or pipe is another plumbing problem you shouldn’t ignore. A leaking faucet can raise your water bill, and a leaking pipe can cause water damage.

A common fix for a leaking faucet is to replace either the rubber washer or the O-ring. However, if that doesn’t seem to work, you may want to call a plumber to get the issue fixed.

4. Toilet Running

Another common problem is the toilet running. This can be due to a toilet overflow tube problem. The fill tube might have detached and needs to be fixed.

Or another possible solution is to replace the flapper valve or fix the flapper chain height. You can get these parts from your local hardware store.

5. Problems With Hot Water Heater

Are you having problems with your hot water heater? Maybe there’s not enough hot water or no hot water at all. Or maybe you notice that your water tank is leaking.

When it comes to your water heater, you should call a professional to inspect and service it right away if you’re experiencing any problems.

Find a Professional for Your Plumbing Issues

Tired of dealing with plumbing issues? Don’t have the time to DIY and try to figure out the problem?

The best solution is to find a trusted plumbing company that you can call on whenever an issue arises.

If you live in the St. Paul or Minneapolis areas and need plumbing services, call BWS Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We are a trusted name in the community.

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