A broken boiler, especially at this time of year, is not something anybody wants.

Aside from the lack of heat and hot water, a faulty, broken, or broken-down boiler can be a symptom of a far greater problem. It could be an indication that there is a gas leak in your home or that your boiler may be about to explode.

These cases may be rare, but they are not something you want to take a chance with.

Likewise, if you are seeing any of the below signs, you don’t want to take a chance by not hiring a professional to carry out a boiler repair. This can end up being a costly decision in the longer run.

1. Your Boiler Is Leaking

From time to time, you may notice liquid leaking from your boiler. This is one of many common boiler problems. There can be many different causes for boiler leaks. It may simply be a build-up of condensation. If this is the case, there is no cause for concern.

If you do see a leak, however, it might be worth the solicitation of boiler repair services. Your boiler’s tank may be leaking or it could mean your pressure valves have malfunctioned.

2. Odd Noises Are Coming From Your Boiler

All boilers make a certain amount of noise, but if your boiler is making unusual sounds, there is almost certainly something wrong with it. If you hear strange noises coming from your boiler, it is best to call a professional immediately, as it most likely a sign of some kind of malfunction. Loose pipes, a faulty pump, or a broken heat exchanger are just some of the things this might indicate.

3. Your Water Is Failing to Heat

If your water is failing to heat, or if heating it is taking longer than usual, there could be something wrong with your boiler. There could be an issue with the boiler’s circulation system, or, if your boiler water is dirty, it could affect the quality of the steam used to heat the water.

4. Strange Odors

Generally speaking, your boiler shouldn’t give off much of a smell. If you notice an odd odor, especially a metallic type of smell, it is probably time for a boiler repair. A smell such as this could indicate a gas leak, which aside from causing damage to your boiler, can also be extremely dangerous.

5. Your Pilot Light Is an Unusual Color

If your boiler has a pilot light, you can use it as one way of checking whether your boiler is running as intended. The flame of your boiler’s pilot light should always be blue. If the flame is yellow or orange, try turning the screw on the pilot light valve. If it goes back to its normal color, then you’re A-OK. If it does not, it’s possible you could have a carbon monoxide leak on your hands, and you should call for boiler repair immediately.

Boiler Repair Services in Your Area

Even with regular and proper boiler maintenance, these kinds of issues can still unfortunately occur.

If you’re in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area, and you’re in need of a boiler repair, you’ll want a company that’s reputable, fair, and above all, experienced.

A family business that encapsulates almost half a century of experience and quality work, BWS Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning guarantees the service you expect and the respect you deserve.

If you’re in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and want fast, efficient, and dedicated boiler repair services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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