There’s no doubt about it – at some point in your life as a homeowner, you’re going to need to hire a plumber. Whether your water heater starts leaking or your toilet gets backed up, there will be some plumbing jobs you can’t or won’t want to do. However, this does lead to an important question. How can you save on plumbing repair costs?

After all, plumbing services aren’t free.

How to Lower Plumbing Repair Costs

Achieving lower plumbing repair costs mostly comes down to the homeowner. While some plumbing issues can be well outside of your control, there are ways to decrease your odds of having plumbing issues. Additionally, there are choices you can make to reduce your costs, even if hiring a plumber is absolutely necessary.

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1. Use Plastic Plumbing

First, we recommend using plastic plumbing pipes and fixtures rather than copper or any other kind of metal. These materials are much cheaper and more universal. This makes them much easier and more cost-effective to replace, repair, etc.

2. Limit the Amount of Food Going Down Kitchen Sinks

Aside from routine plumbing maintenance, you can significantly lower plumbing repair costs by limiting the amount of food waste being sent down your kitchen sink.

While doing dishes, it’s easy to dump small bits of food in the sink. However, even when this food clears the sink drain, it doesn’t mean it’s out of your plumbing. Many food particles get stuck somewhere along the pipe, eventually resulting in total blockage as more and more particles build up.

3. Beware of What You Flush

One of the best ways to save on plumbing repair costs is to make sure you’re limiting the risk factors. For example, only human waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed down the toilet.

The country experienced serious sewer problems during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic when toilet paper briefly become a novelty. People were flushing paper towels and napkins down their toilets because that’s all they had. This led to a myriad of blockages and other issues.

4. Avoid DIY Jobs

Even veteran homeowners need help once in a while. You may be able to build a deck, repaint a room, or even pour your own cement. However, there are some jobs that are always better left to professionals.

These include technical jobs that could have dire outcomes if done improperly. For example, botching a plumbing job could lead to water damage, mold, and worse.

5. Get Quotes

Next, to save on plumbing repair costs and make sure you’re getting the best pricing, be sure to get quotes from local plumbing services before hiring a plumber. Even if it means they need to drive out to assess the problem first, they should be willing to give you an estimate.

Once you have a few quotes, you’ll be able to deduce fair pricing and decide on the right plumber. Some may even be willing to compete for your business.

Looking for a Reputable Plumber?

If you’re in need of a plumber but are looking to minimize your plumbing repair costs, we can help. Check out our affordable plumbing services; we offer everything from routine maintenance to emergency plumbing response.

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