When it comes to essential home appliances, a dependable garbage disposal is non-negotiable. They allow you to put certain food waste down the drain rather than hauling it into the trash can. This is beneficial for keeping your kitchen drains clear of debris and reducing odor. It is also more environmentally friendly than your trash ending up in landfills.

Selecting the right one will depend on your budget, the size of your home and kitchen sink, and how much food waste you plan on putting down the drain.

Consider Your Needs

When you install a new garbage disposal for your home, you will want to consider your needs. Making an educated choice prevents you from having to replace your disposal system shortly after installation.

There are two types —batch feed and continuous feed.

A batch feed disposal activates using a magnetic stopper. Using a plug rather than a wall switch prevents accidents and unwanted debris from getting into your drains. This disposal system is appropriate for those who want to let the chamber fill with waste, then grind the contents all at once. However, batch disposals tend to be less common and more expensive.

Enter the continuous feed disposal. This type of disposal system is the most common in households. It is activated using a wall switch and runs continuously until turned off.

It is better for working in small batches rather than having waste sit in the disposal chamber. Because continuous feed ones are more common, they are less expensive and easier to find.

In summary:

  • A batch feed is a better choice for those who want to use less water and grind all their waste in one go.
  • A continuous feed is better for those who wish to grind as they go and who want to spend less money upfront on their garbage disposal.


In addition to the type of feed, you will want to consider the garbage disposals horsepower (HP) rating. Disposals range from ⅓ HP to 1 HP or higher.

The more you use your disposal and the stronger the contents of your food waste, the more HP you will need. If you do not plan on using your garbage disposal often, a ⅓ HP is appropriate. But if you plan on grinding small bones and fibrous waste, you will need more power.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Nobody wants to face the situation of their garbage disposal not working. But no matter what garbage disposal you choose, the reality is it will at some point start having issues. The good news is you may not need to replace it, but instead, have it repaired.

Garbage disposal repair is not always complicated, and if you’re a handy homeowner, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue yourself if it is a simple clog downstream. However, when the problem is more complicated or requires plumbing knowledge, it is wiser to seek service. Hiring someone who knows how to fix garbage disposal helps identify issues more immediately and quickly resolve them.

To avoid issues, be mindful of what you put into the garbage disposal. For example, you want to refrain from putting grease, fat, bones, or other material that will stop the blades from functioning in your garbage disposal. Running cool water before and after using the garbage disposal is another method for keeping your system healthy.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services in Your Area

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