When winter rolls around and you depend on the indoors to shield you from the harsh cold in the Twin City area. Can you imagine your furnace or heat pump suddenly breaking down?

Fortunately, maintenance for your heating system is an effective preventative solution. And with BWS Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, every maintenance step will be thoroughly completed, ensuring reliable warmth for your home or business.

These are many things that are part of the process that will benefit you; here are a few:
  • Safety Check – The most important thing about your heating system is safety. Is it leaking? Is it operating appropriately? We examine the system to ensure it is safe to use.
  • Cleaning and Inspection – Cleaning your system leaves it more efficient and under less strain for more reliable performance. We also inspect the parts to make sure everything is in order.
  • Air Filter Replacement – This is a simple but often overlooked task. A dirty air filter will cause poor circulation in your system and put it at risk for a breakdown.

By getting your system cleaned, checked, and fine-tuned, you will have the green light to use your system as much as you need it all year.