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    Comfy when it’s hot. Cozy when it’s not. Pipes that work. That’s a happy home. Never worry about maintenance again. Comfy Club has you covered!

    Top 3 Benefits of Regular Preventative Maintenance:


    Comfy Club Benefits

    Up To 3 Comfy Club Visits Per Year
    • Furnace Tune Up
    • Air Conditioning Tune Up
    • Safety and Quality Whole Home Plumbing Inspection

    BWS Spells Happy Home!


    Members know they’ll be comfy because we keep everything working!


    No diagnostic fees. Discount (15%) on repairs. Members get $100 per year loyalty reward that spends like cash.


    We track everything. We contact you when its time to schedule your next service. When you sell your home, the new owner knows that everything just works.