Heating costs represent over 42% of the average home energy bill. During the winter months, your heating unit will have to run continuously to avoid cold indoor temperatures. If you are like most homeowners, one of the main goals you have is finding ways to reduce the cost of heating your residence.

Accomplishing this goal is only possible with the right amount of heater maintenance. A heating unit that is not properly maintained will use more energy and will be at a higher risk of breaking down.

Are you trying to figure out how to properly maintain your home’s heating unit? If so, check out the helpful information below.

1. Heater Maintenance Starts with Clean Air Filters

Keeping your indoor air supply free of allergens and pollutants is important. When air from the outside is sucked into your HVAC unit, pollen and dirt will be removed by your air filters. The longer you have the same air filters in place, the dirtier they will inevitably get.

Not only will this lead to a reduction in the quality of your indoor air supply, it will also put your unit in a bind. Without the proper amount of airflow, your heater will have to work harder to get warm air distributed throughout your home. This is why you need to check your air filters and replace them if they are dirty.

2. Check All Of Your Air Registers

Taking the time to inspect the various parts of your heating system is a great way to find repair issues early on. During this inspection, pay close attention to your air registers. In some instances, homeowners will close or block these registers by mistake.

If one or more of these registers is obstructed or closed off, it will prohibit warm air from entering certain parts of your home. This is why you need to check and open any registers that are closed off.

3. Hire Professionals to Perform a Tune-Up

While there are some things you can do on your own to keep your heating unit in good working order, some jobs will require professional assistance. When the time comes to get your heating unit repaired or tuned-up, you will need to call in the professionals. Trying to do this work on your own can lead to lots of mistakes and damage.

These professionals will be able to check the condition of your furnace and other important HVAC elements. Investing in this professional maintenance will actually save you money in the future. Heating units that are professionally maintained are more efficient and less likely to breakdown. These professionals will also be able to discover repair issues early on, which will limit the amount of damage they do.

Get Your Heating Unit Maintained Today!

As you can see, proper heater maintenance is a great investment. Using the tips in this article can help you get your heating unit ready for winter.

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