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Eden Prairie is known for its fabulous lakeside views, loads of family-friendly activities, and easy access to amenities in nearby downtown Minneapolis. This lovely city also has a reputation for its frosty winters with below-zero temperatures. If you want to keep your loved ones out of the cold, you can’t go wrong with heat pump installation in Eden Prairie.

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What Are Heat Pumps?

If you’re used to a traditional HVAC system with a furnace and air conditioner, you may benefit from heat pump installation in Eden Prairie without even knowing it. The main difference between them is that heat pumps supply heating and cooling to your home.

Heat pumps transfer heat or cooling from the ground, outdoor air, or water sources. These units have a handy reversing valve that allows you to change the direction of refrigerant, heating or cooling your home as needed.

In heating mode, the heat pump obtains warmth from the outside and transfers it into your home. When you switch to cooling mode, the system pumps refrigerant through an indoor evaporator coil. The unit then transfers heat from your home back to the outdoors.