With its numerous lakes and vast, majestic scenery, it’s no surprise that Minneapolis is home to a great many golf courses and resorts. There are so many options for both experienced golfers and brand new amateurs. Three of the most beautiful golf courses in the area are detailed here, and one thing is for sure, they are all well worth a visit in the near future.

Willow Creek

An 18 hole golf course that has without question, some of the most incredible greens in the area, Willow Creek is just as beautiful as it is fantastic to play. You can bet your bottom dollar that this golf course will be in your top three golf courses ever.

With the stunning blue creek and an abundance of tall trees and vibrant greenery, a wide-open front nine holes make for a particularly challenging first half of your round. When the sun is shining, there really is nowhere that is more picturesque and pleasing to play a round of golf than at Willow Creek. No words can really do the place justice though, to experience the true beauty of this golf course, one really has to get there and give it a go for themselves.

Crystal Lake

Living up to country club standards and expectations, but still open to outside customers on a daily basis, Crystal Lake Golf Club is a sight to behold. It’s almost too much for the eyes to take in!

If you can fall in love with a golf course, you’ll fall in love at first sight with Crystal Lake. With an abundance of imposingly impressive pine trees and water features which get the heart racing, this little gem of a golf course is punctuated by the pristine presence of seven ponds. Now, not only do these ponds make for a beautiful setting, but they also provide a pretty steep challenge in terms of avoiding water hazards. The course is on the more challenging side of prospects for golfers, but whoever said that natural beauty should be easy to tame?

The designers and landscapers have created something so majestic, that you might even forget why you’re there and end up walking around for hours on end, instead of practicing your putting. It really is distractingly beautiful.

Royal Golf Club

With generous landing areas and beautiful, bent grass fairways, Royal Golf Club is maintained to an exemplary standard all year round. The opening nine holes are known as the Queen’s Nine, and the name is particularly fitting, given the sheer beauty of this first half of the course. Playing a round of golf at this club is like stepping inside a landscape painting and wandering around at your own free will.

The striking range of green colors leaves you feeling like you’re living in golf heaven and you pretty much are. A range of tee heights, to suit all abilities, makes this a golf club that is accessible to all, even if it feels like it should be reserved for royalty and royalty alone.

In Summary

Though these three courses are basically each a must-see for golf lovers visiting or living in Minnesota, there are plenty of others you should check out as well. There is just something about the Land of 10,000 Lakes that makes it perfect for this outdoor recreation.

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