While exploring Minneapolis, there is an abundance of beautiful churches to be found. Whether you are looking for a place to pray on your travels or you simply enjoy the architecture of church buildings, here is a list of the top five you should visit.

Our Lady of Lourdes: The Oldest Church

This is the oldest continually operating church in Minneapolis. It was completed in 1857 and is situated near the Mississippi River. It is a quaint little catholic church that receives visitors from all over to take part in worship sessions. The name is derived from a small town in France, where it is said that Mary appeared to a girl named Bernadette de Lourdes who then instructed her to drink from a grotto that had healing qualities. Our Lady of Lourdes church seeks to continue offering the same healing and empowerment.

Basilica of St Mary: More Than Just a Beautiful Building

Found in downtown Minneapolis, this is a breathtakingly beautiful Roman Catholic basilica. It was originally built in 1871 but was moved and renovated in the early 1900s. The building exhibits signs of excellent architecture and engineering design, made from a combination of white Vermont granite, Rockville granite, marble and gold leaf finishes. As well as being a place of worship, it is also used as a gathering place for the community, providing refuge for the poor and a place to celebrate the arts.

Cathedral of Saint Paul: A Spiritual Home for All

The Cathedral of Saint Paul was built in 1907, but renovations to the interior continued for decades after. It was given a place on the National Register of Historical Buildings in 1974 and remains a popular place of worship for its parishioners. Inside you will be taken aback by the beautiful Italian marble walls and the particularly iconic bronze grilles surrounding the altar.

College of St Catherine, Our Lady of Victory Chapel: For Students and Community Members Alike

Construction was completed on this building in 1924, with renovations carried out in 1958. The walls, columns, floor and ceiling here are all made of tile, and the exterior bears intricate carved designs. Inside there is a stained-glass panel behind the alter depicting Christ the King. The building was originally meant to be a chapel for the students of St Catherine’s College, but under the direction of Mother Antonia McHugh, it was built into the size it is today.

Calvary Baptist Church: A Church That Promotes Diversity

The Calvary Baptist Church dates back to 1883 and was designed by architect Warren Hayes. It boasts steeples, turrets and huge arched windows. It stands as a symbol of the growth and diversity of its congregation and maintains its original design.

In Summary

Whether you are passing through, planning a short stay, or relocating to the Minneapolis area, there are plenty of beautiful churches for you to visit. The five covered above are just a sampling of all there is to see. You won’t be disappointed.

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