The amount of time it takes to install an HVAC system depends on a number of factors. On average, you can expect an HVAC install to last anywhere from one to five days. There are several factors that directly impact the amount of time that it takes to install a new heating and cooling system in your home. Whether you are replacing an old system or having an HVAC system installed in a newly constructed home, knowing the factors that impact the length of time needed to install a new HVAC system is important.

The Type of Setup

If your new HVAC installation involves replacing an existing unit, the installation time won’t take as long as installing a whole new system. For instance, if the heat pump in your home has simply worn out, having a replacement heat pump installed won’t take as long as it would take to have a heat pump installed in a newly constructed home. When ductwork and vents are already installed throughout the house, a lot of time is saved in the installation process.

With partial replacements, you can have the AC, furnace, or ductwork replaced individually. Replacing an existing AC or furnace usually takes about a day. Replacing existing ductwork, however, can take several days, depending on the size of your home.

Home’s Square Footage and Layout

Speaking of the size of your home, it is obvious that larger homes need bigger HVAC systems than smaller homes. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean a larger system will take much longer to install than a smaller one.

The installation time becomes longer when multiple units get installed, which is seen in homes with a lot of square footage. If you have a new heating and cooling system installed in a two-story home that has a basement, the service technician may recommend that you have more than one heat pump installed. This is common in large, multistory homes.

When doing partial replacements in homes with multiple HVAC units, the installation time depends on how many units go down at once. For example, replacing one AC unit will, of course, take much less time than having to replace two cooling units and a furnace.

Your home’s layout also influences the HVAC installation time. If a technician has to deal with a lot of hard-to-access spots to install the HVAC system, this will slow down the installation time, causing it to take much longer than in a home with no hard-to-reach spaces.

Type of Residence

In residences with high roofs, HVAC installation times tend to take longer; this is particularly true for residences in tall buildings, like condos. It’s not uncommon for HVAC installations in tall buildings to require the use of a crane. Bigger installations like this also require multiple technicians.

Type of Unit

Different types of HVAC units provide different levels of indoor comfort. Central HVAC units provide excellent indoor comfort, but mini-split systems with zoned heating and cooling do an even better job. The more zones created by a mini-split system, the longer the installation time. Still, central heating and air conditioning units usually take longer to install than mini-split systems.

Who Performs the Installation

How long an HVAC installation takes depends on the company you hire to do it. Contact BWS Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to install your next HVAC system. Our experts have access to the right tools and equipment needed to successfully install heating and cooling systems of all types.

If you opt for a company with little HVAC experience, the installation time could take days or even weeks longer than it should. Also, inexperienced technicians compromise the reliability and durability of your HVAC system.

Ways to Reduce HVAC Installation Time

BWS Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning technicians never speed through installation processes. And you should never try to rush them, either. If you want to help reduce the amount of time it takes to install an HVAC system, follow these helpful tips.

Coordinate With the Technician

There’s nothing worse than the technician showing up at your house to do an installation only to discover that no one is home. Some companies require the homeowner to be present when doing an installation while others simply require you to leave the door unlocked so they can enter and begin the installation. Coordinating with your HVAC technician can help ensure everyone is on the same page.

Prep the Home

Before the day of installation, a technician will go over some home preparation tips. These tips usually include things like making sure the home is clear of clutter and that all rooms and areas are well lit. Following these tips will make the installation easier and faster.

Cut Down on Distractions

At BWS Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed about each step of the process, and you are certainly welcome to ask any questions that you want to ask along the way. However, there are some potential distractions that we ask our clients to help us avoid. Try to keep pets and children out of the way at all times during the installation process. Not only can the installation process be dangerous for children and animals, but they also distract the service technician.

Reasons to Hire a Reputable Company

There are more than a few good reasons to always hire a reputable company for HVAC installations and replacements. Qualified technicians not only speed up the installation time, but they also help keep you and your family safe.

Did you know some of the chemicals used by HVAC systems present major dangers to your health? Some can even burn your skin or lead to eye injuries. Even if a chemical is labeled as “safe,” experts know that under the right conditions, such as skin exposure, the contact can result in severe injury. That’s why technicians have to go through safety training to work on heating and cooling systems.

It’s also worth noting that you can keep HVAC installation hazards and repairs to a minimum by hiring a reputable heating and cooling company. If a system isn’t installed right, it can lose up to 30% of its heating and cooling power. This causes the system to wear out quickly, which translates into frequent repairs. It will also cause an increase in your energy bills. Our HVAC technicians will double-check the installation to ensure everything gets installed correctly.

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