Your Minnesota business AC offers controllable comfort and maintains top-notch indoor air quality. But for the AC to support the anticipated indoor air quality and comfort, it must be in good shape. That’s where mandatory yearly maintenance and ongoing care comes in.

In keeping your AC functional, you must undertake all maintenance and care procedures. You shouldn’t delay in handling repairs and getting defective parts replaced. Our team at (company_name) can assist you with that, and we can offer some advice on looking after your equipment. Read on to learn how to keep your company AC working optimally and prevent unexpected downtimes.

Periodic System Inspections

Like your car, the business air conditioner has moving parts and interconnected components. These components can develop issues over time, but you may not always be aware of them. Yet, if you’re keen enough, you can detect common signs like foul smells, failing components, and inefficiency. These problems can affect your business AC’s efficiency and raise the utility bills over time. Although most AC problems are identifiable, others require a sharp eye for details.

These are the problems that hit your AC system’s efficiency and performance the hardest. Such underlying issues demand a professional with the right tools and skill set, and that’s where periodic professional AC inspections come in. Inspections allow us to detect underlying problems that could have a long-term negative impact on your system.

The timely identification of underlying AC issues prevents problems that could hurt your system’s efficiency. You know how costly running your business is, so you wouldn’t want to double the utility bill by not maintaining your AC in perfect shape.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance from a professional is one of most manufacturers’ strongest recommendations to keep an AC in good condition. In fact, they’ll usually void your warranty for lack of it. Once you install your commercial AC system, work with your provider to develop a maintenance plan. When you’re so busy with business activities, it’s easy to forget to schedule annual AC maintenance. That’s the reason having a preventative maintenance plan is a good idea.

At (company_name), we’re a prominent HVAC company serving commercial clients in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians have the training and tools to maintain your commercial AC in good shape. We’ll work hand in hand with your team to develop an effective preventive maintenance plan. Our preventative programs won’t interrupt your company’s normal operations.

We work efficiently and will complete these tasks before you even notice. You won’t have to worry about any lost time. The quality of our preventative maintenance is top-notch, and the value delivered is incomparable.

Thoroughly Clean the Outdoor Unit

Most business owners get too engrossed in their business, neglecting their AC’s outdoor unit. Provided the indoor unit is in good shape, they never see a reason to get the system checked. Your outdoor condenser is as important as the indoor equipment. The unit is often installed outdoors on the roof or attached to your outdoor office walls.

Over time, the outdoor condenser unit may accumulate debris, leaves, and twigs. If you don’t clean these dirty particles, the unit will clog, leading to reduced efficiency of the system. Get your HVAC technician to check and clean the outdoor unit regularly. Make sure it’s clear, and air flows unobstructed.

DIY cleaning attempts may not always end well. You might damage the condenser or even affect other surrounding components. To avoid costly mistakes, get someone trained in that area to do the cleaning.

Inspect and Change Air Filters

Air filters clean the air introduced into your workspace, ensuring it’s free of dirt and microorganisms. These filtering systems trap harmful particles, and that ensures you get safe and uncontaminated air in your workplace. Air filters have a short life span, and if you don’t clean or change them, it could cause trouble.

It can lead to the contamination of the air flowing into your space. The last thing you want is to give many employees sick leave because of a problem you can solve. Keep a keen eye on your commercial air filters and have them replaced regularly.

You also want to have the air filters cleaned or replaced if your office feels dusty. Air filters aged over six months need prompt replacement. Besides the health issue, clogged filters can affect the efficiency of your commercial air conditioner. The system needs to strain more to keep your indoor space comfortable. That will cost you money on utility bills and affect indoor comfort.

Have a plan to ensure the air filters get checked every month. It’s a task your workers can do, but since it takes time, it can affect your company’s performance. Thus, consider having someone knowledgeable in that sector check and replace the filters.

Monitor Your Thermostat

The thermostat rarely gets the attention it deserves. Provided it powers on and does its work, few company owners want to know anything beyond that. They often forget that the thermostat can still work even when it has a fault. It is not easy to tell when your thermostat has issues.

However, you might be surprised after realizing that the thermostat reads 72 degrees Fahrenheit, but your office’s temperature is actually 60 degrees. This happens when the system has internal problems that need to be addressed.

To know if your thermostat is working fine, set it to a specific temperature and use a thermometer to tell if your interior temperature reads the same. You might need to do the temperature tests on all offices to ensure the thermostat is doing its job as expected.

Regularly Check and Clean Drainage Lines

Air conditioners generate water vapor as they operate. The system has to channel out the generated water vapor to prevent mold growth and related issues. Not funneling out the water can lead to water pools that could damage your property over time.

The AC system channels the condensation into the collection tray through the drainage lines. Once deposited into the collection tray outside, it evaporates into the air. If the drainage line has clogs, the channeling of the condensation becomes a problem. Over time, it could lead to the formation of mold, bacteria, and algae, all of which affect indoor air quality.

You’ll need to get the drain lines checked and cleaned regularly to avoid such a problem. Make sure the collection pan has no overflow issues, and the condensate evaporates as expected.

Keeping your commercial AC system functional is a mandatory role you shouldn’t overlook. Leaving the system to struggle to keep your building comfortable can lead to many problems. You want to work with our NATE-certified technicians to improve the efficiency and quality of your Minnesota business AC. Our team specializes in providing expert installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial and residential AC systems.

We also focus on home automation and the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating systems. In addition, you can enlist us for water filter and softener installation and maintenance. If you have leak problems, our experts will conduct thorough inspections to uncover and seal them. You can rely on our award-winning drain and sewer cleaning and maintenance services as well. Besides HVAC services, we offer outstanding plumbing services, including bathroom and kitchen plumbing and emergency plumbing repairs.

We’re located in Eden Prairie, and we cover the entire Twin Cities area. To take advantage of any of these options, call us at BWS Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment.

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