It might come as a surprise to many, but Minnesota is a diverse state. From downtown Minneapolis to the sprawling nature, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this amazing state.

Whether you have been relocated to Minnesota for work, or you are just thinking about making a move to a new location, here’s a look at five things that you should know about this incredible state that will make you happy to call it your home.

Festivals Galore

If you love to have a good time, you’ll find no shortage of fun to be had in Minnesota. In fact, the state celebrates just about everything you can imagine. There are festivals and celebrations for pretty much everything, including the wonderful Winter Carnival in St Paul and the Renaissance Festival and Art Fair, which takes place when the weather is warmer. During the holiday season, the Holidazzle Parade will be sure to amaze.

Lakes Abound

Minnesota is hailed “The Land of Lakes” and for good reason! There are 11,000 lakes and more than 90,000 miles of shoreline to enjoy here! That’s more shoreline that the states of Florida, California, and Hawaii combined! So, whether you enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, ice skating, or just relaxing on the shores, Minnesota will certainly leave you in awe.

The People are Just Nice!

If you want to live in a friendly state where you can really get to know your neighbors, than you’ll love Minnesota! The natives here are regarded for their friendly and welcoming, but tell-it-like-it-is dispositions. You’ll find no trouble making friends, which is definitely a wonderful thing if you consider yourself a social butterfly and are just moving to the state from another location.

Deep Fry is the Way to Be

If you love deep fried food, then Minnesota will please your palate for sure! In this state, deep fried foods are more than just treats; they’re a way of life! In fact, Minnesotans are known to deep fry just about anything you can think of! From cheese curds to fruits, and even candy bars and cookies, you’ll find a mouthwatering deep fried treat that will make your mouth water!

The Unemployment Rate is Non-Existent

If you’re looking for work, you’ll have no trouble finding it in Minnesota. That’s because the unemployment rate in this state is virtually non-existent! In fact, there are a total of 19 Fortune 500 Companies that call this state their home! And, on top of that, Minnesota has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country!

It’s the Birthplace of Target

If you love the retail store Target, you will be delighted to know that Minnesota is its birthplace! And there’s definitely no shortage of Target’s to enjoy strolling through while you shop for those essentials (and even those non-essential) items! You’re bound to be well-dressed and your home will be immaculately decorated, thanks to all of the amazing scores that you’ll find at such great prices!

Ready to move to Minnesota now?

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